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New Ocs: Bloomers and Bodice
Name: (Anarchy) Bloomers
Species: Angel
Sex: Female
Weapon: Victorian pistol/ Pinfire gun
Article of clothing that transforms into weapon: Bloomers (Undergarments/Panties)
Age:  169
Appearance: Appears to be about panty and stocking's age, eternally young due to being her species. She had incredibly short hair in the back but the front has a few locks, her bangs resemble stocking's. She dresses in Victorian era clothing due to being first created around the era.  She always has well-kempt hair and a well-kept appearance. Her eyes are an olive green color and her skin is fairly pale. Her nails are usually painted dark blue to match her hair. Her body is fairly curvy but her breasts are only a B cup opposed to her sister's.
Backstory: She was created in 1842 to assist with the multiple crises in Europe and the creation of new "ghosts" due to the negative impact the industrial revolution had on human kind. At the end of the industrial revolution they were called back t
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The various works done using my bases.
Want your work on my base featured here?
Send me a link to it!



United States
Main Account: :iconthecheesecat:

This is for my bases which I'm really slow at making.

Hello, my name is Cheese, aka thecheesecat
I specialize in making medium to small bases for your use.
I rarely shade them cause I suck at it so shade for yourself.

How do you use these things you might ask? Simply take the nekid body and draw clothes and/or hair. That's it.

Rules for these bases are simple:
:bulletorange:Always credit me when you use a base.
:bulletorange:Frakendolling (combining two different bases?) is allowed so long as you credit both myself and the other base maker. (Please make sure frakendolling is allowed on their base as well.)
:bulletorange:Take your time and do your best!

Mkay I'm done.

If I use a picture that is yours and do not want it turned into a base, let me know and I will remove it immediately.
Hey everyone, I've got some news I'd like to share with you all.

As you can probably tell from this account being inactive for over 3 years, it's dead. For a long while, I lost the drive to do any sort of art and so this account sat and rotted in that absence. When I did get my muse back, it was no longer for this kind of pixel art, but rather digital and traditional drawing. Dolling was fun for a while, but I've moved on to better art, to better my skill. So I want to let you all know to not get your hopes up in seeing new bases from this account. I'll leave up the ones I have now, but for all intents and purposes, this account is dead and will no longer be updated with art. (not like it really was recently, eh? EH?)

If you're interested in seeing what other art I have to offer, come visit me on my main page; :iconthecheesecat: It's burning in the flames of Matsu Hell and I'm so incredibly sorry for that butnotreally.

Thanks for using my bases, it did and still does mean a lot to me.
~ Cheese


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